A Generation of Difference

Generational differences aren’t new in the workplace. No, I am not talking about Grandma, Mum and daughter in the same workplace - I am talking about Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. It is widely accepted that these generational differences are evident, and alive and well in the workplace. But perhaps we

The Bully Dogs in your office

We all share certain characteristics with our four-legged friends and certainly we do in the office. Let's explore the 'Bully Dog' in the office - this could mean either a type of dog, ie bull terrier, bulldog, bull mastiff to name a few, or it could mean the behaviour of the dog - bullying, dominant,

Battered by Chatter

We love to do it. Women do it better than men. Women don't understand why men don't do it like them. What am I talking about?.... Chatting!! We love to talk (well I do anyway), and we do it well. We share our feelings, emotions, ideas, frustrations and it makes us feel better. But how

What we say matters

So many times over the past couple of weeks I have heard people in the media say "I don't know how they cope", referring to residents of Christchurch, NZ after the earthquake. What do you mean you don't know how they cope? People cope. People put one foot in front of the other - what

Our smallest marbles…

I believe we learn to laugh more, when we have children.   For example my son, when he was 3 years old, saw his first geyser in Rotorua and I pointed to it and said "look that's amazing".  He stared at the hot boiling water and steam and smiled.  Then he ran on ahead a

A marble thrown into a pond, causes ripples

Imagine a pebble thrown into a pond - it creates numerous ripples that extend a long way depending on the size of the pond. Well think about the pebble as being a 'marble' or person, being thrown into the pond or workplace. If you throw a 'marble' (person) into a new workplace, chances are the

Workplace Bullying or Toxic Personalities

Time and time again, I am confronted with a reluctance to engage when I mention 'workplace bullying'.  Is it because of the word 'bullying'?  Would I have more connection with workplaces if I call it 'toxic personalities' or 'intentional abusive behaviour'? Whatever the behaviour is called, we need to address what continues to happen in


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