Imagine a pebble thrown into a pond – it creates numerous ripples that extend a long way depending on the size of the pond.

Well think about the pebble as being a ‘marble’ or person, being thrown into the pond or workplace. If you throw a ‘marble’ (person) into a new workplace, chances are the ripples will be large and may continue rippling out for some time, depending on the size of the workplace (pond).

But if you gently ease that marble into the the workplace, and slowly let it go, the ripple effect is minimal.

If you have already taken the time to find out communication styles of your teams, find out what communication style your new marble has before you ‘let them go’ and ease them into your workplace slowly.

This will improve workplace productivity, workplace communication and overall morale.

Reduce the ‘ripple effect’ of marbles in a pond.

Don’t forget, the bigger the marble (dominant marble) the bigger the ripple effect can be!