Time and time again, I am confronted with a reluctance to engage when I mention ‘workplace bullying’.  Is it because of the word ‘bullying’?  Would I have more connection with workplaces if I call it ‘toxic personalities’ or ‘intentional abusive behaviour’?

Whatever the behaviour is called, we need to address what continues to happen in our workplaces.  It is not new, it just has a name now.  I remember when I was in the workforce in the early 80’s – I was subjected to incredibly abusive behaviour from the CEO – but I thought it was just normal and we had to put up with it.

Times have changed – we expect a certain level of respect and yet bullying behaviour, intentional abuse, continues to go unchecked in many workplaces.

Do CEO’s understand the cost to their organisations to leave this unchecked – it runs in the millions of dollars  in NZ – and from my perspective it’s not hard to change this type of behaviour.

I would be interested in your comments as to what this type of abusive behaviour is best called.


The ‘Marbles Expert’