What we think and what we believe shapes who we are – but if you want things to change in your life, you have to change the way you think. It’s all about perspective and how you view the world. You have to change the way you use your marbles!

When an obstacle or unexpected event jumps up and ‘slaps you in the face’, do you see it as a problem, a hassle? Does your life stop in its tracks? Of course! Most people will answer ‘yes’ because we are creatures who can think, plan and reason. But do we keep our eyes open for any opportunities that this obstacle or unexpected event might pose? Sorry, most of us don’t. We are too focused on the negative implications of the obstacle or event to remotely consider that anything positive might come of it – and that is where we need to change the way we think.

Opportunities present themselves regularly and although we are often faced with ‘mountains’ that loom up unexpectedly, we need to keep things in perspective and see possibilities in front of us.

How we frame the way we view our lives, gives it perspective. How we frame our problems, or tragic events, will give it perspective.

So I want you to do a small exercise – think about a current problem in your life – a reasonably large one. You are either worrying about it, trying to find a solution or decision or you have just been stopped in your tracks.


In order to put that problem in perspective, lets get ourselves into perspective. Think of the problem and when you are ready, click on the link here and see how your problem relates to the world around us.

Sure, your problem still exists, and it is affecting your life – but for a moment, just a moment, when you viewed the link, your problem appeared insignificant. Amazing wasn’t it!

Ok, that was a little light relief, but now it’s about getting the perspective right in your world. Only you can do that, by changing the way you think.


Did you know that we have on average 50,000 thoughts a day – and 80% of those a negative. With viewing the world slightly differently, viewing our problems slightly differently, we can reduce the number of negative thoughts a day and become, believe it or not, better performers. Research clearly shows that positive people have more fulfilled and happier lives and perform better in whatever they choose.

And guess what – if you just said “I can’t change the way I am” or you said “Oh, this is baloney” – that is a negative thought!!

Control those marbles!