How many times in your life have you blamed situations, people, your past or your upbringing, for how you are today, the problems you have today? Most of us do this. Perhaps you blame your genetics for the fact that you struggle with your weight or perhaps you blame your mother or father for how

Ego in the Workplace

Ego in the Workplace – let’s face it – every workplace has them.  What is of concern however, is the ‘exaggerated self important ego’ that gets combined with a position of power – which can ultimately lead to an abuse of that power.  This particular ‘Ego in the Workplace’ feels the need to ‘control’ and

Mistake Theory

We all make mistakes - they are temporary bumps on the road of life.  A mistake is an unintentional action whose consequences are undesirable. But do we all learn from our mistakes or does pride and ego sometimes get in the way of learning and awareness.  Perhaps we would rather 'blame', instead of reflecting. Mistakes


Why is it that your children will hound you constantly for a mobile phone, and finally when you give in to their constant pleading and bleating about how much safer it will be when they have one - there is no guarantee that they will ever answer it when you call! Why is it that

A Generation of Difference

Generational differences aren’t new in the workplace. No, I am not talking about Grandma, Mum and daughter in the same workplace - I am talking about Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. It is widely accepted that these generational differences are evident, and alive and well in the workplace. But perhaps we

Christmas Parties – oh dear!

There have been several recent articles written about the infamous Christmas Office Parties. All I can say is - BEWARE! I have seen my fair share of Christmas office parties and have seen some terrible acts of stupidity, drunkenness, infidelity - just to name a few. One particular office party, a male co worker got

The Bully Dogs in your office

We all share certain characteristics with our four-legged friends and certainly we do in the office. Let's explore the 'Bully Dog' in the office - this could mean either a type of dog, ie bull terrier, bulldog, bull mastiff to name a few, or it could mean the behaviour of the dog - bullying, dominant,

Build Better Teams – reduce depression

Occupational and Environmental Medicine*, published research findings which identified that if you have poor team spirit in your workplace, you could have more staff that are suffering depression as a consequence. 3,347 Finnish employees were surveyed, aged between 30 and 64. Each employee was asked how they felt about their working environment, including quality of


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