There have been several recent articles written about the infamous Christmas Office Parties.

All I can say is – BEWARE!

I have seen my fair share of Christmas office parties and have seen some terrible acts of stupidity, drunkenness, infidelity – just to name a few.

One particular office party, a male co worker got so drunk, he was stripped, put on the packing bench, tags attached to his toes, and black felt marker pen drawn ALL over his body! Then his wife was phoned to come and pick him up!

There was another one where the Managing Director was seen in the factory, during the party, cavorting and passionate with a female staff member, whilst his wife and kids were in the big staff room enjoying the party. Oh wait, hold on – those two examples are from the same organisation.

Or the time that a Sales Manager got totally inebriated, and yet the Managing Director let him drive home! Oh dear, same organisation again!

Or another office party (different organisation you will be pleased to hear), prided itself on how many ‘hook-ups’ occurred between male and female staff members regardless of whether any of them were in current relationships.

For me, it is easy. It is about self control, pride and responsibility. Is it really that hard to say ‘no’. If it is the CEO or Managing Director that might be hitting on you – start thinking now about what you are going to say in response to any unwanted advances. There is no excuse for getting yourself into such a pickle that you regret it afterwards. We are, after all, the only people in charge of our own lives.

So don’t go blaming anyone else for what happens at your office party. You are in control. Keep the drink to a minimum so that your brain stays in control – and have fun!