Are you ready for the challenge?

Well, Australia has beaten us again.  Not in rugby, but in implementing Workplace Bullying legislation to try and effectively respond to the AUD$6 bill - AUD$36 billion that it costs Australian workplaces in lost productivity annually. Effective from 1 January 2014, changes to Australian mainstream employment laws means that workers now have new rights to

Ego in the Workplace

Ego in the Workplace – let’s face it – every workplace has them.  What is of concern however, is the ‘exaggerated self important ego’ that gets combined with a position of power – which can ultimately lead to an abuse of that power.  This particular ‘Ego in the Workplace’ feels the need to ‘control’ and

Christmas Parties – oh dear!

There have been several recent articles written about the infamous Christmas Office Parties. All I can say is - BEWARE! I have seen my fair share of Christmas office parties and have seen some terrible acts of stupidity, drunkenness, infidelity - just to name a few. One particular office party, a male co worker got

The Bully Dogs in your office

We all share certain characteristics with our four-legged friends and certainly we do in the office. Let's explore the 'Bully Dog' in the office - this could mean either a type of dog, ie bull terrier, bulldog, bull mastiff to name a few, or it could mean the behaviour of the dog - bullying, dominant,

Are you a good boss?

I was reading with interest, the report that Adecco Group, in the USA, has put out, as a result of their survey  -  asking people what makes a good boss. They surveyed 1,000 people in America - employees and bosses to find out what makes a "best boss". What I found very interesting is that


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