CV Funnies

As a Career Development Practitioner in the past, I came across various CV’s that made me laugh.

Here are some of the ‘‘funnies’ that I encountered during that time:

  1. On application form, next to ‘Emergency Contact  Number’ ……….111
  2. “Consistently tanked as number one sales person”
  3. The CV was printed on the current employer’s letterhead
  4. Email address of candidate was “pornstarbabe@…….”
  5. “Excellent pubic speaking skills”
  6. “Skills – attention to detail, with high standard of proffessionalism”
  7. “Hobbies – enjoy cooking Italians, Chinese and Japanese”
  8. “Good at time management – I manage my time so that I don’t do anything I don’t want to”
  9. “Unable to work Friday nights or weekends as this is drinking and party time with mates”
  10. “Please do not call my previous manager for a reference as they will not give me a good one”
  11. In the email application “Hi i am lookng 4 job in custmr srvce nd i wnt job plz in ur cmpny”
  12. “Excellent writting skills”
  13. “Achievements – came first in breed in 2007”
  14. “Hobbies – breeding”

Let’s remember it is also about ‘what we communicate’ as well as ‘how‘.